Hi, I'm Garrett

Hi, I’m a multi-disciplinary product designer with 7+ years of experience specializing in interaction design, visual design and user experience. Oh and I code, too!

Currently, I'm leading the design development and digital launch for Grateful Coffee Co., a startup coffee shop in Springfield, IL. I'm leveraging my UX skills combined with my visual design skills to create an effortless customer experience with our website, mobile app, digital loyalty programs, and online ordering system.

Grateful Coffee Co. is a client of Chroma Chameleon Agency. Chroma Chameleon (formerly Sadler Digital Workshop) is a side hustle I started in 2012 to bring a higher level of quality to my freelance clients. Chroma Chameleon is a lean two-person studio consisting of myself and my business partner, a gifted software engineer.

In 2020, I was a product designer with the Chamberlain Group, the parent company of LiftMaster. I worked with the product team to develop a responsive design system for their new dealer portal. Before this, I worked with Bi-State Development.

I started my design career 11 years ago as a graphic designer in the advertising industry. As web and mobile experiences became more and more integral to my work, I experienced an organic transition into designing digital products. 7 years ago, I left advertising and moved entirely into web and mobile product design. ‍

Oh, and did I mention that I code? It's true! As a product designer who can prototype in HTML, CSS, and JS, I have a deep understanding of how to structure my designs to make sense to an engineering team. I believe in starting every project with an underlying system in mind and building beautiful, compelling experiences around the structures of that system.

Want to chat about work, hobbies, or anything else? I'd love to hear from you!

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When I'm not working

I’m a true maker at heart. When I’m not designing, you can find me making…something. I love building furniture, 3d printing and cooking, heck, even building Ikea furniture, scratches that itch. Right now, I’m building a photogrammetry rig for rapid, high-resolution 3d scanning of a person or object. I’m at my most zen when I’m wrist-deep in a project.

I also LOVE to talk about pop culture, especially comics, movies, and video games. I could spend HOURS talking about why the Johnathan Hickman run is the best thing to happen to  X-men comics in 20 years.


Hear what previous supervisors have to say.

I highly recommend Garrett Sadler as he has a robust skill set and in depth experience across a diverse set of technology projects. Garrett's deep experience in User Experience Design has been extremely valuable to the work he did for PeopleScout enabling a better experience for our clients and their candidates. Garrett is great to work with as he has a flexible and collaborative style that fits well with any team. Garrett has a very solid work ethic delivering high quality work.

Allison Brigden

SVP, Business Strategy, PeopleScout

Garrett did an excellent job during his time as a Web Designer and CRM Specialist at Bi-State Development. He has excellent written and verbal communication skills, is extremely organized, can work independently and is able to effectively multi-task to ensure that all projects are completed in a timely and professional manner. I highly recommend him as a candidate for any position in this field.

Oliver Berman

Marketing Manager, Bi-State Development

Garrett was an excellent team member and was always someone I could count on for quick turnarounds and highly detailed UI/UX analysis. He was a super valuable piece of our team and brought so much knowledge and positivity!

Brittany Taylor

Client Success Manager, PeopleScout