Corona Northern LLC

I led the design of a marketing and logistics website for a transportation startup in Colorado that increased customer acquisition.

Key Contributions

User Experience Design, Information Architecture, Interface Design


Web Developer and Myself


Sketch, Asana, Wordpress


3 Months
August 2015 - October 2015

The Client

Meet Corona Northern, a transportation trucking startup in Colorado that was struggling to get client leads

Corona Northern is a trucking logistics startup in Colorado, providing various freight hauling services to a wide variety of industries. While their business valued client relationships greatly and they continued to expand, it was important for them to consistently get high quality leads.

The Goal

How might we create a web experience that increases lead generation and improves overall revenue?

Before joining the team, they had a four person operations team that was trying to manage lead generation, sales, and logistics. I was brought in with the goal of automating as much of the lead generation work as possible so that their small team could focus more of their time on closing new business and managing existing client relationships.

The main goals of the revamped website were:

Goal #1:
 Increase total visitors to the website
Goal #2:
Increase lead acquisition conversion rates through the website
Goal #3:
Effectively convert leads into contacts via the website

User Research

Key Research Insight: There was no clarity on who to reach out to learn more about the business

I began by front-loading our generative research by facilitating interviews with five current clients as well as some prospects to identify what was most important to them in choosing a trucking and logistics partner.

We found that ease of communication is a broad pain point in the industry. And for many of them it wasn’t clear where to find the right contact info to inquire about Corona Northern. This was detracting them from considering the company’s services.

Information Architecture

We leveraged Mind-Mapping on a budget

With a shoestring budget, more elaborate methods of IA development were off the table. I used a mind mapping application I already owned to craft the content flow of the site, enlisting existing clients of the client to participate in a bootstrapped card sorting exercise to determine what info they most needed in order to choose a freight partner.

Design Direction

Don't Reinvent the Wheel

The website needed to be easy to navigate for not technologically savvy users while effectively funneling interested parties to contact Corona Northern. I examined a variety of comparative experiences: Competitors sites, similar verticals, and the latest research on CTA efficacy in B2B applications.

We learned to have a “contact” method on hand the moment a lead decides they want more information. So in every view we were careful to have at least one contact button accessible at all times. And on mobile devices, a sticky “call button” was always visible.


Easy to use. Enormously effective.

My goal was to design an intuitive experience that would enable users to find the information they need and easily initiate contact. Below is a look at the final build.

Prominent Calls to Action

Through our research we learned to have a CTA visible and accessible so that the moment a lead decides Corona Northern might be the right trucking partner, they are able to initiate contact without having to search for contact information.

Familiar Navigation

It was vital to create an interface that was familiar to the users. We worked with the mantra of don’t reinvent the wheel and used interface elements that users were well versed with from other sites they regularly access.

Improved Discoverability

We did not want users to have to think about where they might find the information they were looking for. Information organization was built with non tech savvy target clients in mind.

Feedback on the design? Want to chat over coffee about design systems? Find me on LinkedIn.